Caylah Coffeen

Caylah Coffeen grew up in the rolling hills of Northern VA. She has moved all over the states and even lived in Japan, but now has made her home in Huntsville (Rocket City!), AL. While not reading and working with authors, Caylah enjoys cosplaying, training her bratty 4lb Maltese, and volunteering at her church.


Writer, Editor, Marketer

Caylah Coffeen earned a B.A. in Creative Writing and Media Studies at Franklin and Marshall College. Since then, she has practiced a variety of writing and editing across the mediums of TV, radio, newspapers, and fiction.

Her varied experience has taught her how to engage with audiences and improve content for sales, leading her into the area of brand development and marketing. Caylah specializes in speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, myths and fairy tales, etc.) and loves to help bring new worlds to life.

Quality work should speak for itself, so Caylah invites you to see what other authors have to say about partnering with her.


Work Experience

Managing Editor and Social Media Manager at Monster Ivy Publishing
(Jan 2022 – present)
Completed copy and developmental edits on middle grade and young adult manuscripts and cover copy
Read and evaluated submitted manuscripts for acquisitions
Managed social media accounts and marketing efforts

Freelance Marketing
(2021 – present)
Brand development advising, acquisition of advance reader reviews, website and social media graphics design, Twitter and FB growth, KDP promotion management

Freelance Editor
(2020 – present)
Completed manuscript assessments, developmental and content edits for fantasy novels


Dawn Before the Dark

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The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine

Coffeen, Galadriel