Galadriel Coffeen

Galadriel is the oldest of 7 children and has moved 13 times, including to Japan. She is deeply devoted to God. She is frequently supervised by a bouncy little rescue dog named Kaylee, more often known as Squid. Costuming and cosplaying Victorian attire is her latest hobby.

Author, Artist

Galadriel Coffeen is not an elf. She’s a new author exploding on to the YA fantasy scene with her debut novel The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine. She has followed her first novel with a co-written nautical fantasy book titled Jubilant.

She has illustrated all her own books, including cover art and interior drawings. She specializes in fantasy portrait art with realistic figures, abstracted backgrounds, and high contrast light and colors.

Galadriel acquired a BA in English Lit with a minor in art from Grove City College and has since worked as an English teacher, writing tutor, and freelance artist.



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