Manuscript Wishlist

I’ve edited a variety of genres, including fiction and nonfiction, but my specialty lies in fantasy and sci-fi. Want to know if we’re a good match? If your manuscript fits those genres and contains ANY (by no means all!) of these elements, I would absolutely love to work with you!


  • Deep, 1:1 character dynamics. If the core of your story centers around the relationship between 2 people, I’d love to read it! These are my favorite dynamics:
    • Buddy story – deep friendship/sworn companions/partners (in crime)
    • Rivals & Nemeses
    • Lord-vassal/Teacher-apprentice/Clan or mob head-follower
    • Captor-captive/Master-slave
    • Adopter-adoptee (tough guy takes a little girl under his wing, older kid shields little kid) – essentially found family but 1:1 preferred to group casts
  • Covenants and promises – this may overlap somewhat with the character dynamics. I love when the plot or characters are driven by oaths and passionate commitments.
  • Settings inspired by the ancient world, myths, fairy tales, or old gods and (soft) magic – wonder and whimsy
  • Non-western settings. Medieval Europe has been done. So has tribal Britain. So have Roman Empire equivalents. Send me stories inspired by other parts of the world. Own voices especially encouraged!


  • A beautiful, lyrical language and writing style. A more poetic, minimalistic approach to descriptions, rather than a lengthy or journalistic style.
  • A masterly woven, mysterious plot that ties together at the end with a rewarding payoff. Think the Count of Monte Cristo or Harry Potter. We don’t realize how important every little thing is at the time, but all the pieces come together like an intricate web at the end and it blows our minds!
  • 1-2 POV characters, no more.

If your storytelling language is inspired by the likes of Madeline Miller or Roger Zelazny, we will mesh very well, but less so if your models are George R.R. Martin or Robert Jordan.


I do not accept erotica or other work containing highly explicit sexual scenes.

I do not prefer YA or apocalyptic fiction.

Reach out even if your work doesn’t fit these descriptions!

These are just my absolute favorites, but there are so many elements and genres to admire.