Anneliese Knop

Anneliese Knop lives in Huntsville, AL with her husband Derek and her sweet Seeing Eye shepherd, Greta. She loves God, crocheting, and reading and writing fantasy.

Author, Copywriter

Many people find their dreams too big for words, but I’ve never had that problem. I studied rhetoric, learning the structure of story and mission. Then I studied counseling, discovering how to translate the human heart into language. When I’m not seeing clients at my practice I fill my time with words.

I’m a freelance blogger, copywriter,  ghost writer, and biographer. I’ve written a novel, and published reports for NASA. Check out the testimonials below, or Look on the Dark Side to view other examples of my work.

My words can help your voice shine through.



Copywriter at Elite Editing

Copywriter at Textbroker

Technical Writer for NASA