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A cornerstone is a vital structural support in a building’s foundation. A successful business is built upon multiple cornerstones: a great raw product, unique packaging, customers, and more! Selling books is a business – the adventure doesn’t end at publication. Here you’ll find solutions to many of your book publishing needs, from editing your manuscript into a masterpiece and designing your dream book cover, to setting up a marketing strategy to get your books into the hands of ravenous readers!


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Is your manuscript ready for publication? What kind of editor do you need? From manuscript assessments and developmental editing, to content and copy editing we’ll polish your book to completion.

Pre-Release Materials

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How can you make your book stand out from the crowd? Striking cover design, interior formatting, back cover copy, and more will help you find the right audience!


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How do you market your book and aim for that coveted best seller list? Is social media actually effective? We’ll answer these questions and more, and help you set up an affordable, step-by-step marketing plan.


  • “Caylah is definitely a qualified editor! Not only in schooling, but also in thought and temperament. She has a discerning eye, a wonderful read on a manuscript as a whole, and the creative mind to offer really insightful advice.”

    Hana Kat, Writer & Poet

  • “Caylah has a knack for spotting issues with the pacing or the “feel” of a scene. Her comments are encouraging and helpful: instead of simply pointing out flaws, she makes sure to suggest improvements. She’s also good at including positive feedback and noting aspects of the story that really worked for her.”

    Galadriel C., author of The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine

  • “Caylah Coffeen is an editor I try to emulate. She not only has an excellent sense of pacing and tone, she gives feedback in a way that suggests growth and makes me feel energized rather than frustrated at a list of problems.”

    Anneliese Knop, co-author of Jubilant