• Critiques – swap writing with fellow authors and make self-edits based on feedback

  • Beta Reading – readers share what they liked most about your story, what confused them, & when they lost interest or were most engaged

    I may agree to beta read for you if your story matches my manuscript wishlist.

The best writing advice I ever received was “don’t write in a vacuum.”

Remember, you’re writing for readers, so hearing feedback in the early construction of your story is invaluable. I highly recommend you pursue critiques and/or beta readers before paying for a professional edit. Best of all, they’re free, which will save everyone time and money. Goodreads, Facebook, and Meetups groups are great places to find likeminded people.

If your manuscript calls for more attention, rates may be higher than the starting rates listed below.

Are You Ready For the Next Step?

  • Manuscript Assessment – a 10-15 page analysis highlighting the strongest areas of your book and recommending a focus for next edits. Learn more.

    Rates: ~$200-1500

  • Developmental Edits – address plot, characterization, story structure, dialogue, setting, themes, and more 

    Fiction: $0.02/word | Nonfiction: $0.03/word

  • Content/Line Edits – tackle the clarity and artistry of the prose – word economy, word choice, sentence structure (active vs. passive voice), redundancy, repetition, and more

    Rates: $0.02/word

  • Copy Edits – address grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, etc.

    Fiction: $0.01/word | Nonfiction: $0.02/word

Still Not Sure What Type of Edit You Need?

No worries! Send me the first 5 pages of your manuscript and I’ll edit them and send them back to you, along with my recommendation for what type of edit you need. All sample edits and consultations are complementary.

Email your sample to creativecornerstones@gmail.com
or contact me through this form.