Manuscript Assessments

Also known as an editorial assessment/report/evaluation, the manuscript assessment is a big picture examination of your entire story. As your editor I’ll read your full manuscript and write up a 10-15 page analysis on everything from your characters and plot, to syntax and style. I’ll highlight the strongest areas of your book and recommend a focus for your next edits.

Who can benefit from a manuscript assessment?

Anyone! But I like to call manuscript assessments “the indie author’s best friend.” Why? Because they are much more affordable than a full edit, but highly detailed. If you’re planning to mainly self-edit your work, an editorial evaluation is the perfect way to get a second opinion and some guidance, without breaking the bank.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re getting ready to submit to traditional publishers, but you want a professional eye to help you polish it up first.

Or maybe you’ve been discouraged by a slew of rejections, and have started to wonder if your manuscript needs more work.

A Manuscript Assessment is like giving your story a full body check-up at your primary doctor

What’s NOT included?

In-text edits & comments

The evaluation will include references to specific scenes and examples, but I will not make edits or comments directly on the manuscript. If that’s what you need, check out my editing offerings.



Price varies depending on word count. A 50,000 word YA novel will require less time and a shorter write-up than a Brandon Sanderson length tome.

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