A special thank you to the following authors for entrusting me with their stories and offering such generous feedback. You may view my full professional portfolio under the “Team” tab.

“Caylah is definitely a qualified editor! Not only in schooling, but also in thought and temperament. She has a discerning eye, a wonderful read on a manuscript as a whole, and the creative mind to offer really insightful advice.”

Hana Kat, Writer & Poet

“Caylah has a knack for spotting issues with the pacing or the “feel” of a scene. Her comments are encouraging and helpful: instead of simply pointing out flaws, she makes sure to suggest improvements. She’s also good at including positive feedback and noting aspects of the story that really worked for her.”

Galadriel C., author of The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine

“Caylah Coffeen is an editor I try to emulate. She not only has an excellent sense of pacing and tone, she gives feedback in a way that suggests growth and makes me feel energized rather than frustrated at a list of problems.”

Anneliese Knop, co-author of Jubilant

“I cannot begin to thank you enough for the amazing feedback. The reason it has taken me so long to get back to you is I have been reading and rereading it several times. Many, if not all of your comments are spot on. I will be incorporating them in the final version. Again, thank you so much for taking the time. I appreciate it more than I can say.”

Scott Stantis, Editorial Cartoonist, author

“Caylah has been a wonderful, supportive critique partner. Her feedback is always thoughtful, constructive, and thorough. It’s clear she has a great eye for storytelling, both the bigger picture and the details, and a professional, approachable personality—two foundational qualities of a great editor. She brings creativity and keen insights to all of her comments, and I so appreciate her invaluable help with my writing.”

Kimberly Brandolisio, writer and editor

“Thank you very much for your time, and your careful attention. Your comments were perfectly clear. You gave a very complete picture of what was effective and of what seemed to be missing. You even connected it to exact moments and pages for my reference. I’ve been a teacher for 30 years and for many of those years I have guided students in the writing of essays and stories. So having someone dispassionate deal with my issues logically, concretely and thoroughly is a dream come true! Please keep it up.”

Paul G. Till, author and teacher

“There is no need for you to submit a duplicate of your critiques to me when you give them to your peers. They are thoughtful, detailed, and excellent in every way. It is clear you’ve put a lot of time and passion into genuinely helping your peers improve.”

Prof. Sands Hall, graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop