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Marketing Coaching

Some authors just want to hire someone to market their book for them or obtain services a la carte as needed. Others want or have no choice but to learn how to market their books for themselves, using books, blogs, and webinars to help them figure out what works. The reality is, authors need a little bit of both, which is what we offer here:

A unique 1:1 marketing partnership where we teach you a new skill, and for every step you complete, we match it. For instance, need some shiny book banners for social media? You could just buy one of our graphics packages, but chances are you’ll need more again in the future. So we’ll teach you the basics with an open source program so that every time you need a new graphic in the future, you’ll know how to make one! At the end of such a coaching session, you’d come away with one graphic you made, and one we made for you.

What’s stressing you out about marketing your book? Composing those tweets? Keeping your website looking fresh? We can help you out on a day to day basis, answering questions over text, composing those tweets with you to keep you from putting them off, or sitting down for a mini marketing lesson, it’s up to you!

We charge an hourly coaching rate of $30.

Social Media

Can social media actually sell books?

Yes, but you have to be strategic. Posting endlessly on Instagram isn’t necessarily going to translate to sales, and could just waste a lot of your time.

At the end of the day, social media is about connecting with people. Who do you want to meet? Who do you want reading your book?

It’s important for you to pick the right platform in order to see results without stretching yourself too thin. We offer a social media advising session to help you make a plan and get ahead with some insider insights.

We charge an hourly coaching rate of $30.